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HỎI: The History of Nantes en Loire Atlantique

In the 18th century, there were many Spanish trading families in Nantes. annonces 44, un article sur annonces 44, meant that the city could benefit from the revival of these trades, as the conditions were favorable. In the nineteenth century, the maritime trade in Nantes reached a peak of 150000 tons, resulting in a great decline in the population. This is the main reason why the port of Nantes became the capital of illicit trade. Today, there are many descendants of these French traders.
les commerant de Nantes By the end of the eighteenth century, the city was home to 200 grandes families of merchants. Because of this, the region around the Loire was a thriving center of trade. As a result, this city became an important port for trade. The influx of foreign commerce to the region facilitated the growth of its population and economy. In addition, the presence of the Loire and its port of Nantes was a boost to the town's economy, boosting trade in the area.

Despite these difficulties, however, the emergence of new aristocratic classes in Nantes also brought a number of immigrants. The newcomers to the city were not as fortunate as those who were born in the city. As a result, the aristocracy of the region was formed by these merchants. The second half of the eighteenth century brought the arrival of French merchants from various parts of the country.

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