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 Las Vegas with the family
Họ tên: Bergmann Skaaning , Địa chỉ:316 Rhode Island, Email:junkerduke625@skyfallmails.com
HỎI: Las Vegas with the family
by duke69cousin

Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest, Latina, Masturbation, Spanking, Virginity

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Posted Mon 21st of January 2013

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amazing sex with cousin and bj from someone else

Ever since my dad remarried. My family and I have been going on this trip to Las Vegas which isn't that fun when you can't do anything, But this time I am looking forward to this trip because my cousin Jessica and my aunt are coming with us on the trip.

I have not seen my cousin Jessica in a year. We always hung out with each other. we told each other everything and pleased each other oraly. Then her mom remarried and moved away and I haven't seen her since. But now I can finally get the chance I missed back in having sex with my cousin
”Derrick hurry up” my stepmom said ” have you seen your sister”
” no I haven't” I replied as my step sister Casey sucked my Dick
” what do you mean you haven't i'm right here sucking ur cock”
”sshhhh” I told get as I shoved my Dick farder into her mouth
my step sister had a great figure she was only a year younger then me. She had amazing 38D breast. With a really big ass.
”ahhhh i'm going to cum”
”get it all in my mouth this is the clothes i'm taking on the trip”
She started to stroke my Dick Faster as she sucked in half of it
”im cumming” I said softly
”mmm I love the way your cum taste in the morning” she said smiling ” i'm going to go to the garage before they suspect i'm in here”
I smacked her ass as she walked out. before I knew it we were in the car heading to Las Vegas it was only a hour drive. We would meet my cousin at the house we rented for the week. We finally got there and I saw Jessica. She gave me an instant Boner. She had about 36C cup Breast. And a bigger ass then my step sister. Her yoga pants made me want to use her ass as a pillow and her sports bra let me see her amazing core.

”Derrick” she screamed and ran towards me
” Jessica I said as I hugged her”
”I guess your happy to see me” she said as she looked Down at my cock.
” yea he wanted to be polite and stand up for you” she laughed as we went inside to get our rooms. My parents, aunt and step sister got the room upstairs, and my cousin and I got separate rooms downstairs.
” ok kids we're going to go to the casino, order some pizza if you get hungry”
” ok bye” I replied
” i'm going to go take a shower” my cousin said. As my cousin walked up stairs my stepsister was coming downstairs. Wearing black short shorts and a really tight red shirt with some high heels.
” were are you going”I asked her
” to this party around here”
” not before you suck my Dick”
” but Jessica is upstairs” she replied
” yea but she's taking a shower”
” fine I need your cock anyways”
She got on her knees and toke my Dick out. she started to slowly stroke it, she then started lick the side while stopping at the top to kiss the head
” you think I can take all 9 inches” she asked
” be my guess”
she wrapped her lips around the and started to take my Dick in her mouth inch by inch. next think I know my cock disappeared she had token all 9 inches. She started to deep throat going faster and faster I could not hold on any longer. I started to cum all inside her mouth.
” there you go, when I get back were having more fun. Bye”
” bye”. I heard the water running so she was not done showering yet. I went into her room and saw her used panties on the floor. I walked over to get them.

her pussy aroma was amazing. They were kinda wet. It seemed like I wasn't The only one happy to see my cousin. I ran to my room and layed down on my bed. Her aroma got me all hard again. I started to slowly stroke myself while I smelled the panties. Imagining all the different ways I could fuck her. Wondering if she would let me do anal. I imagined her getting on my bed and sitting on my Dick cowgirl style watching her jump up and down on me, seeing her Breast move up and down as her huge as slapped against me. I forgot all about the panties. Next thing I know I had jizzed all over the panties and the water had finally stopped I got up ran to here room and put them were I had found them and jumped on the couch. https://sexcollegeamateur.com/ She got out the shower went into her room and shut the door.she later came outside.

” what are you watching Derrick”
” nothing just looking for something to watch”
I looked over at her she had on a mini skirt with no panties.the way she was sitting on the sofa I could clearly see her pussy. She also had on a see through blouse with no bra.
I could not stop starring at her.
”looks like you found something you like” she said
” hell yea”she got up and walked toward my room I got up and grabbed her by the door. I started to run my hand through her whole body while kissing her neck. She let out soft moans as she dropped down my shorts and boxers. She then started to stroke my Dick as I removed her blouse I started to play with her nipples. She started to moan even louder I started to run my hands Down her body till I got to her pussy.
” someone is wet” I said
”ohhhh finger my pussy”
I started to run my fingers in and out as I squeezed her Tit with my free hand. Her moaning got louder.
” take me to your bed and fuck me right now” she demanded
I picked her up and put her on my bed
” your so wet” I told her as I stuck my Dick in her pussy
”mmmm you maid it that way”
” here it goes” I started to put it in slowly then I gave it a big trust she told me to wait before I continue.

I pulled my Dick out and it was covered in blood.
” your not a virgin anymore”
” good now fuck me!” She said I picked her up and put her against the wall. I started to penetrate slowly so she could get use to it. Little by little picking up more speed. Between every one she would tell me to go Faster. I started sucking on her nipple as I pumped her faster and faster. Bend over the bed I told her and she did as I said. I started to lick her asshole.
”Wait I think my mom has lube in her bag” she said. She ran upstairs and found it
” lube up cousin” she told me
I started to lube up my Dick and her asshole.
”Are you ready” I asked her
” yea”
I started to go in little by little
”awwww it hurts”
” give me a sec”
Inch by inch it went in till 6 inches where in. I started to take my cousin anal virginity to
” don't stop it feels good”
I started to wreck her ass going in deeper and deeper with each stroke I started to smack her ass
” i'm cumming”I told her
” nooooooo cum inside me pussy”
I got on the bed with her and started spooning her holding her smooth leg up with one hand as I played with her nipples with the other hand I started to fuck her Faster and faster till I buried my Dick as far as I could inside her pussy and started to cum inside her. I started to kiss her with out removing my Dick from inside her vagina
” this was amazing” I said
” yea i'm your sex slave for the rest of the trip”
I smacked her ass and said
” good because I have an idea”

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